Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm very sure I don't feel anything special toward him but recently this person keeps appearing in my dreams. That interests me to a certain point. As the Chinese says what you think/miss during the day, you'd dream about it at night (日有所思,夜有所梦). How if I don't think? Can anyone, especially those psychologists, or who knows a bit about oneirology give me some possible answers?

The thing is I don't normally remember any of my dreams, and most of the time when people sharing their dreams excitedly, no matter it's a horror, happy or strange one, I would be thinking why I never be able to remember any, although sometimes I might recall a bit, which "happen" right before I wake up. This makes me think of deja vu, or a more scientific term - Extra Sensory Perception- like a scene, a chat, a person, whatever la, something that seems sooo familiar happen exactly as "last time", but you know it hasn't happened in "reality"... interesting, isn't it?

And I have a good old friend, who quite oftenly, leaves me offline messages on MSN, telling me she dreams about me again, over and over again. Previously, she even said that I appeared in her dreams 3-4 days continuously.. I didn't see that could be annoying, but amusingly promised her I'd try my best not visiting her too often in her dream. And, sometimes when there were several who told me they dreamt about me, I'd 'assumed' that's the reason I didn't get good sleep because I kept 'visiting' so many of my friends at night - trying to be funny only la k -_-"

But now I can see that it could be annoying. Because that's a strange feeling, that person means nothing too much than a friend / good friend, why must be him that keep coming to my dream? What affect whether or not I can remember? What do you think?

P.S. the dream here doesn't refer to that type like Martin Luther's : D


Alice See S.Y said...

i experienced the same thing before..but i ignored it..after couple days later..tat fella will disappear automatically from ur dreams..dont worry!! =D

huibee said...

hope so!
because now I think and mention more about it, wonder whether that will make me dream about him more.. ha

ck said...

so whos dat?? =P

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