Monday, January 19, 2009


He's now everywhere...
Obama in Kenya
Obama Russian Dolls
Obama Masks
Barber shop named "Barack Obama Haircut"

There was a time when a US president could travel from his inauguration in an open-top car.

John F Kennedy was the last president to do that.

BBC: High Security for Obama's inauguration

It's tomorrow, the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first African-American President..
Let's pray that everything will be alright, for the one who may change the world, even if he doesn't, at least, he brings people hopes.. : D


ck said...

wont pray bt will watch n c anythin happen...hahhaha!!!

huibee said...

you also watching??
why didnt watch on facebook?
felt very touched la, watch the US inauguration for the first time, even m'sia or england one i also never watch.. hahaha
especially the speech, although many parts i didnt pay attention.. XD
he's really inspirational type!
plus, im really quite curious on how is it like to be a black girl having a US president father..
damn cool la..!!
although i dont expect to see things change very positively, but at least people see hope from and through him..
and luckily nothing happened..!!
(i kind of hoped the helicopter that bush took ... : P)
you know what, obama actually has six packs..
so cool, wonder whether there is any other president or pm that has that.. haha

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