Thursday, January 15, 2009


Just realized I haven't written much new entry recently
my blog has been so dead : (
and even if I do, most of them are just some sharing posts
so let me write a bit about my recent life..

It's nearly the end of the 2nd week of the final semester of my degree
I still haven't really accepted this =/
3 years sound far too fast for me, feel like I haven't really got into my Uni life, then it's ending soon!
I don't even feel like doing my dissertation yet.. haih..
Actually I feel like studying few more years (but don't want to spend my parents $$ to study anymore.. So guess I'm going to work for 1-2 year first :) )
There are only 2 days, 3 lectures a week..! (plus 2 days at work) till March,
then few weeks off for easter break, revision week, final till mid May..
Supposed it sounds really early that I will be graduated by then,
but that day checked the website and ... wtf ...
our convo. is on Dec 19th/20th -_-"
it's such a looonnnggg gap.. and I'm still unsure whether I'm going back to m'sia during the gap
will see..

And, Chinese New Year is approaching.. it's the 4th CNY I'm not celebrating at home
I miss it very, very, very much!
Have been listening to myfm online recently, to get some CNY feel
Although I know I used to feel "nothing" about CNY,
like.. it was just a very usual festival in the year..
but missing it for 4 times, 4 years are too much.. can't bear it :( :(
even my grandma has forgotten me, she didn't give my angpau to my mum last year!
(normally she would pass it to my mum if any of us wasn't available to visit her)
So I guess generally I'll be quite depressed recently.. (be careful k, those around me : P)
Last year I used the red packets to make some decorations..
and they were still hung now.. LOL.. so what to do this year??
hmmm.. hmmm.. any plan for CNY eve and day? =/
Oppps ya..!! few of us are going to Birmingham to eat DimSum next week :) :)
and shop for some oriental food as well..
Better than nothing la right...
Anyway, for those celebrating it at home,
please do appreciate..


Alice See S.Y said...

cherish the remaining time la..
though being a student is the best thing ever..
nothing much to worry about right??!..

i'm going back this sunday!! =D
take care k!

jocelyn said...

Oi!! we going on Saturday also!
when you all going?

huibee said...

weh you talked like you're not talking to me in the near future edy..
have a safe trip :) :)

we're going on Wednesday..
to eat and eat and buy food only haha..

scheen said...

its really too fast when
u feel its just gona b start
im goin to graduate soon aso
my convo if din miss up...
will be on tis comming march
if nt....will b on NXT YEAR!!
anyway...same as u...
i hope i can study gain...
but its useless keep dreaming here

anyway,miss u here~
hope can see u soon...^^
take care ahbee

huibee said...

miss you too!!
and kind of surprised to see your comment :) :)
let me know your blog if you have one okk

then.. all the best for our future la ha!

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