Saturday, January 03, 2009

Shopping day

Went shopping today, for the last available Saturday that I have, probably until exam period, and guess what I've got that made me kind of excited!!
It's not those Republic clothes that I've got.. But..
a 50p coin!!!

You might ask what's so special about it..
it's the 2008 version, one of the Royal Shield coin set that I've been trying to collect
and with it, now I've got the whole shield..!!!

From left to right, top to bottom,
there are pound coin, 10p, 2p, 1p, 5p, 20p, 50p..
Can you see the Royal Shield? (note: picture is from web as I'm lazy to take it myself)
You'd have to make some virtual point in your mind..
exclude the pound coin (I havent got this one =/), the rest form a shield shape..
nice right?
Unfortunately the time when I manage to do this it's already 2009! :( :(
Should have done more shopping.. hahaha..

I like saturday's high street
there are lots performers and sometimes you get to see some traditional suits or hear some nice little live concerts..
very lively, unlike the nights here...
It was also crowded today, but what made me feel different,
was when I saw there are quite a few shops closing down (the Work, Card warehouse etc) and some had already closed down (Woolworth)... :( :(
Experts predicted there are going to be at least 600,000 job cuts here in the UK during the year 2009
*sigh* Can you imagine that?


Peng said...

eh~~ the coin is nice!!! collect two sets leh~~
i want~ wahaha~~~ exchange to you with aussie LOL

HuiHui said...

i got the 1 pound!!!!!!! i think felicia got 1 also...and she gave me that time, but i already got it b4 tat...hehehe...~ wanna go tesco shopping and get the 50p dulu~hahahaha

huibee said...

hahaha.. ok
but is there anything special with the aussie's?
actually there is pointless to collect 2008 one edy, it's time to look for 2009 one..!!

yerrrr..!! gimme if you get another 1 okokok? : D
want 50p then dont use self service machine..
i think they dont give change in 50p one..

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