Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm back in Cheltenham
back from all the trips.. pama and jeh are on their way back already..
feel a bit empty,
this room used to be crowded by all of us and now it seems a bit too big >"<
(imagine 4 persons on a double bed room.. and 1 on floor. hahaha)
but I'm sure I will be back soon in January..
and I have loads of stuff that they brought me. =D
Hope they all will have good rest back home.
Will try to share my time with them these weeks.. (=

Later going to steamboat at 22hungerford..
Tomorrow have to back to work.. =S


bpeng said...

i know the feeling T.T
especially i spent more time in the house with my mum, felt really empty when i came back from heathrow and staying alone in the empty house :(

HuiHui said...

no need to feel empty la...u going bek soon edy wat~~~

EngLee said...

Papa, mama and ah mei back at home. They are going to fetch bro shortly.

Btw, I heard your room in UK is half the size of your room here. So, I guess it won't be small?!

Make sure you are back by 23rd of Jan!!

huibee said...

I thought it was bigger than half of my room back home? haha, not sure.

Think going to buy ticket these days.. on beginning or mid Jan should be back home d.. =D
need to resign first..
i think need to lose some weight to look good and take picture.. xD

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