Thursday, December 03, 2009

Paris Disneyland

Some random pictures...

Disneyland Paris.. my 2nd visit!

Errrr.. who is this la?
(I took with quite many who-is-this-la..)


We were too excited that we didn't realize that's not Donald xD
until then we saw ...

Can you believe this!!
Both of them took picture with me.. together!!
Remember last time in Hong Kong Disneyland, I queued so long and could only take pic with Daisy..

Hahaha.. I like this!!

Gogo and ahjeh refused to take picture with it because..
They don't even know who that is..
and they kept laughing when I told them "Ratatouile" (as if I made it up)!

Spot pama in there..
I actually laughed out loud when I saw this..
It seems that they have had enough traffic jam in m'sia!
Why came to Disneyland also got traffic jam la? hahahaa..

I think if I have got time I'm going to gather all my pics with the disney characters..
coz last time when I came to Paris one, I took with quite a lot not so well known characters also..
and it seems that no matter how many times I went, I could still be very hyper when I was there.. hahaha


ck said...

waaa...hw many time u been 2 disneyland dy!!!

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