Sunday, December 27, 2009

World's Friendliest Countries

The Expat Explorer Survery revealed that Malaysia is in the top 5 list of World's friendliest Countries.. What do you think??

The top ten
1. Bahrain
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Thailand
5. Malaysia
6. South Africa
7. Hong Kong
8. Singapore
9. Spain
10. United States

Also, Malaysia has got

#1 in "Organizing school for my children" (it's probably due to the very different standards of school in Malaysia?)

#3 in "Organizing my finances"

#3 in "Organizing my health care"

#4 in "Making friends" (I like this =D)

#4 in "Finding somewhere to live" (not so sure about what it means.. = =)

#14 in "Making local friends" (oh.. prefer making international friends than the locals huh?)

#19 in "Joining community group" (thought we could be better?)

Further story from yahoo news

Comments about the news (worth reading if you've got some times, I was a bit shocked with what some people have said..)

p.s. My thought is at the comment section.. or my post will get too long =/

Some Psychology students might ask this?


More than 3,100 expatriates were surveyed between February and April 2009.The respondents were asked to rate 23 factors related to their quality of life, including food, entertainment, transportation, health care, finances, education and their ability to make friends. Each criterion is equally weighted to arrive at a score. The overall ranking is based on the average score for a country across the criteria. Eight measures were also selected to comprise the integration score: organizing school for my children; organizing my finances; organizing my health care; finding somewhere to live; making friends; making local friends; setting up utilities; and joining local community groups. The integration score was used to determine the friendliest countries.


huibee said...

I get a bit confused with the definition of "friendly", as this is very largely constrain by culture, so when they bring the world together and compare different countries, I'd say this is kind of "unfair" i.e. incomparable.

Looking at the 23 factors - errr, are some of them really related to friendliness? And does it actually mean being friendly to the foreigners or to the locals or being friendly in general?

Anyway.. in general I would agree that Malaysians are friendly.. they might not be very polite, but they are friendly; they might be a bit racists (I mean holding some stereotypes), but they still seem to be friendly people. Uh! I mean.. "we", not "they". HAHA.. and, after being in the UK for so long, I'm still proud of being a Malaysian (=

ck said...

wa...out of expectation rite? bt i tot u said uk local ppl oso very frenly? canada aus UK all in da list bt no european country.

i dun think ppl here like to make local fren.. or mayb depend on background/race etc? frenly 2 overseas frens/tourists baa..

huibee said...

errr yeah elderly in the UK are friendly in general, but I'm not so sure about the younger people =/
ya lor, strange right, amongst the westerns, none of the european is there.. while aus canada and states are..

actually for both uk and m'sia (or anywhere else), the stats is also hugely relied on which part of the country they were asking people about. and.. even there are lots issues among the ethnicity .. but i think in general we still make friends with other races.. just ... hmm.. dont know.. better dont say. Haha.

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