Thursday, November 12, 2009

Edinburgh Trip

Venue: Edinburgh, Scotland
Date: 9th-11th November 2009
Travellers: Papa, Mama, Ahjeh, me
Accommodation: Ramada Mount Royal Hotel (Bed & Breakfast)
Cost: £160 per person (Return journey rail from Cheltenham and 2 nights Bed and Breakfast)

This is really a nice place. Very beautiful and all the buildings would always draw in a Wow effect.

The train station we arrived at.
Waverley Bridge- the old buildings are in the Old Town.

Beautiful, aren't they? (the buildings, not the people xD)

St Giles Catheral

Old town.
The Old town.

View of the new town from the old town.

View in the Old town.

Good scene being shot in the Princes Street Garden. hahaha.

Most of the main tourist attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura- World of Illusion, Scotch Whisky Experience are all in walking distance. Although friends telling me this is a place that suits family trip, I'd say that that's too much walking for papa and mama. I can see that papa quite like this place, stunned by the beautiful old buildings, given that they've travelled so many places.

The Camera Obscura - World of Illusions. I found it quite interesting and feel worth visiting.

The cartoon version of me. There was also a baby version of me but ahjeh said it's too scary so I have decided not to scare my readers.. haha.

The heat detector.

HAHA.. mama looks so cute. xD

There were 8 of us. HAHA... not very clear though.

It's also very lucky to get a hotel at Princes Street, which is one of the very main street here. It makes going anywhere and searching good restaurants much easier (food was basically more or less the same as in England, but prices were lower I'd say).

The Scott Monument. As you can see, the Princes Street was under construction. But it didnt really bring any inconvenience to us..

The place we had our breakfast in Ramada.

Continental Breakfast.. this sort of things la..

In the Filling Station, a restaurant bar that serves nice food with reasonable prices.

During our last day we also found that the day trip bus ticket was just £3, unlimited uses for whole day, which is quite convenient for lazy people who like to sightseeing in and around the city.

Where to get your bus ticket? £1.10 for a journey or £3 for a day ticket?

We took bus 22 to the Britannia. This is the Royal Yacht Britannia Visitor Book. Not really worth the money visiting this I'd say.

Papa looks damn yeng, in the Britannia.

Love this trip although the scene itself is not the best but it's the first Europe trip for me with my family, also my only trip with family in recent years. The place, I'd say the historic buildings are sooo beautiful that you would think they were fakeee.. =D

P.S. There were too many photos, just roughly picked some out when I still have some time and memory about it. Feel free to ask me for further information =P. This saturday gogo will arrive and the 5 of us will be off to Paris for 4 days! =D


summer said...

family trip感覺很溫馨:p

k said...

I love Edinburgh! :D and so niceee... Paris *heart* Lucky youu!! I waannntt! ehehe.. Have a safe trip there! :D

JC said...

Hey! Nice trip!
Hope the weather there not to bad!

bpeng said...

your mama really very cute and your papa really very yeng in the pictures!
It's so nice there, I want to visit scotland too!!!

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