Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Working opportunity??

Just now back home from Woo's house and realized that I've got an email from NHS, inviting me for a job interview on the 11th Nov.

I cant even remember when I applied for it, as I've already given up to look for job properly for quite some times.. especially I realized that I'd have to take such a long leave off work when my family is coming.. and it was such a HEARTACHE to be accepted to a job and then rejected it... simply because they said I can't have such long leave off work as I would have just started working by that time... (to be honest my tear nearly drop on spot >"< ) But soon I understand the thing we call "取舍", and for me family comes first.. and I was happy that I could join them in all the trips.. (and even happier when I know jeh was happy that I could join)

But what now? the 11th Nov, it's a few days after my family's arrival, and we have already booked holidays to Edinburgh... I just want to say................. KNS....

I wonder how many things it wants me to give up, to have 3 weeks "peacefully" with my family here in the europe la.. I would skip 2 days from my drug and alcohol service training course, 3 weekends off from Primark, and a job offer from Lloyds pharmacy.. and now.. aiyo... MUST YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS???

Anyway, I'd see what I can do..
ANDDD!! tomorrow will be my last day working in Primark until the 28th!!!
thanks Leslie for approving our holiday requests!!!! she is the best manager! =D
(we actually got rejected by the Store Manager and then get approved by the Assistant manager hahaha... she's so daring la xD)
I still have 2 base visits (part of my training course) to do,
and there are 16 items in my to do list in preparation for my family visiting..
omgggg all I have is 3 days!! (but I'm loving this..)

p.s. I've got so many to say, but now all I need, is SLEEP!!


bpeng said...

family always comes first :)
hopefully the NHS can postpose your interview and pray that the job starts in december

Geok Bee said...

yes try to postpone the interview..?
Good Luck then... Hope they are not wanting people immediately..

ck said...

yeah! 取舍!
working life is long n 4 u there r more imp things :)

gd luck! n...do update ur blog more pls!!

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