Saturday, November 07, 2009

6.5 hours

They will be stepping on this land as I'm in just 6.5 hours..

They were in Abu Dhabi earlier and ahjeh was online.. =D

I'm thinking whether I should sleep.. because if I go to bed I don't know what time I should wake up.. hahaha...

Plus, I'm now watching Heroes Season 3.. arghhh so addictive..

I'm excited =D

*I did my base visit in Eastgate street today, and watched 6-7 clients coming for needle exchange, I've got so much thought!! It confused, surprised me and widen my knowledge. But from what we learnt from Confidentiality and Professional Boundaries I wonder whether I should blog about the clients.. (will write more about my thought if I've got the chance and time.. oppps, I dont think I do =P)


EngLee said...

How did ah jeh online?

huibee said...

public computer provided in the airport?
ask her la..

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