Tuesday, November 03, 2009

In 4 days

I just want to say
that my papa mama ahjeh and gogo are coming to the UK
to travel and to attend my graduation ceremony

No doubt I'm really looking forward to it..
as I havent gone home for more than 1 year already.. (it's a new record =D)
I've started count down since 29 days ago
but it's strange
imagining the place that I've been on my own for 3+ years
and they are "appearing" here!!! here with me!!!
(would be perfect if erge will be here too, but i accept imperfection (= )

I hardly remember my dream
but I dreamt about it already
I'm really looking forward to it.. and I'm really, kind of.. nervous
in which.. I dont know why!!!

We are going to do a lot of travelling..
to some nice and famous places near to Cheltenham
and also London, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome, Venice and Florence..

Oh people I'm going to be busy, but I hope we'd all get to meet up especially those that are coming back purposely for the graduation ceremony... (but I understand that everyone would have their family to "take care" of)

Hope everything would be alright.
and everyone gets to enjoy to the fulllllesttttt!!
I'm also praying hard for Peiman and Bpeng will get back their passports asap too (=


bpeng said...

thank you thank you
i have the same feel!
feeling happy but at the same time weird
or maybe we should all have dinner together so that those auntie & uncle can chit chat while we youngsters can have our own chat >.<

Geok Bee said...

then who I should chat with?? :p

EngLee said...

Your erge was there with you for few hours on your very first year, remember?! Hah.

ck said...

wow take lots pic n post here ok!!
i oso wan 2 go leh

hope everythin go well...

miss u gurl

huibee said...


i think all have different plans also..
hope 19th night or around that day got time la

Geok Bee:

you figure out yourself lor-
whether you should join auntie or us..?
or, talk to gogo!! xD


of course i remember la
when i typed this post also thought about that
which indicates everyone also has been here with me =D


thank you (=

HuiHui said...

YESS!!!! come out and have dinner 2gether gether...=D 19th is a good idea~ kekeke...

passport passport...faster come bek~ thx for praying~kekeke

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