Saturday, January 01, 2011

Good Bye 2010 and Happy 2011

It's 2011.01.01 and I'm now in the ward doing night shift. A bit strange not having any particular feelings welcoming a new year, probably because I'm working. But it's probably the best night shift that I've ever done because I'm doing it with someone who can keep me talking and listening all night.

I would normally blog about what I've achieved and experienced at the end of each year. But this time I'm not going to bother those bits and pieces, just some significant memories that come to my mind at the moment.

Beginning of last year Erge has got married, which is my first sibling getting married, and made my family into seven members, major event of my family in recent years. I also went back for Chinese New Year after missing it for 4 consecutive years.

Major life change would be the job that I have got at April and started working full time for the North London Forensic Service at July, which is my first ever full time job. A job I have enjoyed to the fullest and been trying to learn as much as I could. It changes my mind regarding how I can help the mentally ill, stimulate my brain, and inspire me what I want to do in the future. Get to know group of very supportive and helpful colleagues.

Surprisingly this year, opps, I mean last year we only visited Greece - normally would have been to more places. That was a great trip with Bpeng, Peiman and Felicia - hopefully not our last trip together.

Other than that, there was also my first blood donation experience (New Blood!), moving out to live on my own in London (Officially a Londoner), first theatre experience watching the Phantom of the Opera and first thought of seeing someone from an entirely different culture.

And I'm just very grateful, for whatever I've got in the past years, hoping the 2011 would be good as well, if not better. That's for now. Wishing everyone a blessed and healthy year. =)


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