Saturday, June 19, 2010

Officially a Londoner

I am now in Enfield, Middlesex. T__T
Extremely sore hands and back, carrying that huge luggage and heavy bags with me.
It was good I met some nice people helping me when I had to take the stairs. Very grateful, they were really nice, some were kids! I'm going to help others next time, I promise. =P

Feel so empty, don't feel like unpacking my stuff and doing the cleaning =(
Bpeng, puipui, fel.. T__T

It was even depressing thinking whether George has sent my reference back. Because of this stupid process I can't start working on Monday.. this thought itself depresses me.. I really don't want to sit and do nothing anymore.. Why can't they do things efficiently??????

Hmm anyway, my new room is nice, just that I certainly miss my old double bed =X. Need some cleaning and tidying.. Went to the tesco nearby, it was smaller than the one in Cheltenham, and I felt so lost inside.. the shelf assortment was strange =S.

Ah.. I'm going to stop writing or I'd find awful loads of stuff to complain >"<

Hope things would be in place soon!


bpeng said...

i suppose you are same height with me now?
clean and tidy your room, and remember to leave a space for visitor bed, haha
and, come back and help me move!

fs said...

yaya...visitor bed or sth, whatever it is for visitor is very important! be prepare for visit-attacks from us anytime anyday! xD

i totally understand the feeling of empty and stuff, and what more u r moving away from all of us and being alone THERE..must be worse than what me n PM felt previously when they left, at least we r still at our old place (comfort zone) and still have u n BP around..

hahaha...seems like eveyrthing in chelt seems better huh? tidier primark, tidier tesco too! hehe

HuiHui said...


take picture of ur room...:)

MnPL said...

hey.. post a pic of your room~~
We know how u feel. Going to a new place adapting to a new environment sometimes can be depressing. But know this,life goes on right? So take a deep breath, beautify your room and make it your cove~

We can only hope you`ll succeed there. Take care

yonghan said...

any party for your new room? haha...

sushiking said...

Good luck and all the best in the new place. ^^

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