Friday, January 07, 2011

Pure Grumbling

I'm just surprised how people can make a whole big issue when they're jealous and had been looking so hard to pick on you.

And I'd been waiting for someone who actually wasn't happy about it to come to talk to me face to face, and guess what? Nobody mentions it at all. They chose to back-stab me. I know why, because they never really get the opportunity. Now that they've got it, they will make full use of it.

But I'm still grateful. For people who know me, who would stand up for me, and would tell me face to face about it and about these people. So I learnt, learnt from the mistake, learnt their true faces and learnt how I'm going to return the favour next time, although I don't think I'm evil like them! BUT I will try! =/

P.S. actually there is only one person, yet I'm saying "they" because I know how easily people get themselves into those gossips and backstabbing.

P.S. 2 Being excellent in my own job is just my nature. Stop being jealous!


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