Tuesday, January 11, 2011


2011.01.11, doesn't really mean anything to me, although LiJi tweet that we would have to wait for another thousand years until we get 11.01.11 again, yet I replied her, even it is 12.01.11 or 13.01.11, you would have to wait for another thousand years as well. So why make it so different, when every day could also be a special day? Ha ha. Originally I was saying that just to trick her =p

Received the parcel sent from pama and ahjeh October last year, brighten my day =). Nothing special, just some milos, oats etc. At some point of today, I was thinking about the parcel, till this came to my mind "now that I've got nothing, but MILO!" lol. 6.6kg. Crazy!

Few days ago, noticed from facebook that two high school friends went into a relationship. The girl is one of my besties, where we knew each other since we were 10 years old and by heart I treasure our friendship. I was shocked, One is the fact that they two, the two of them that I know quite well, went into a relationship, Two is that how could I know nothing at all? How can I know her getting into a relationship through facebook?!?!!! Although I didn't really believe it, as the possibility isn't high (in fact, it's super low), yet I chose to believe, and gave my blessings. Turned out what? Yesterday it was revealed that that's just a trick, for fun, to trick Bpeng in particular. What can I say? Nowadays we really shouldn't believe anything, trust anyone huh?!?! Nonsense. I'm going to punish her when I'm back!! Yes, I mean it!! =( You people should just learn the story of the boy who cried wolf!! Next time I ain't going to believe nothing!

I just realized that my blog has turned into such a personal one, that I don't blog about research, news, interesting, impersonal stuff anymore. =O


M@V!S said...

btw, i agree with u..everyday is a special day...

Oppsss.....Bee angry jor.....>< I am one of the 'bang xiong' oso >< sorry

yonghan said...

I thought a blog is meant to be personal?

huibee said...

Saying sorry sounds far too serious!
but still, those who should be punished would get what they deserve. Hahaha =p

I'd say it depends. =)
If I were to write very personal things, I'd make my blog private and only allow family and close friends to access.

yonghan said...

of course not THAT personal =)...

chyi said...

yeap, those "ppl" r ready for punishment
anytime when u're back

those 'ppl' reli feel bad abt it, even until now

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