Thursday, March 11, 2010

New blood!

Just came back from blood donation session in Salem Church Hall.. I'm feeling great, no dizziness or unwell =D, and am going to share my experience of donating blood in the UK..

It was in a hall, which could also functions as a basketball court, when we arrived there were loads of people, young and old, female and male.. and the way people lying there without any expression actually made me feel A LITTLE BIT nervous.. =S (Originally I was really excited, another thing is Jocelyn, she was damnnnnn gan jiong ==). After seeing the nurse at the reception, I was given a folder with information regarding blood donation.. after waiting for 40 minutes or so, a lady called my name (without being able to pronounce my name, as usual, xD). Then she went through those details regarding my personal details, medical history, sexual life, travel history with me.. and here come the first "barrier"! She noticed that I just came back from Malaysia few weeks ago and told me that m'sia is one of the nations of Malaria contagiousness ._. I was like "HUH!!" (in my mind only) and she would consult another nurse to see whether I could donate.. So I waited impatiently.. another Black nurse came to me, asked if I was from "taman negara", "Sabah" & "Sarawak" ("HUH? is there anyone coming from taman negara? xD"), I simply said I was far from all those places.. So yes, I passed through the first barrier and was ready to go, MANA TAHUUUU... the lady sat me now.. said "not yet" ==!!

next I think I've got too long paragraph and it's time to start a new one. Next she let know some information and then wanted to get some blood from my finger to check my iron level.. and here come my second barrier of blood donation. Yes, I haven't got enough iron level. The blood was supposed to sink in the pretty ocean-blue liquid but it didn't!! ._. She gave me a second chance, but same thing happened, "you should eat more chocolate and meat!". I'm pretty sure she could feel how disappointed I was, and then only did she say, she could check with the machine by getting some blood from my arm.. and "who knows? the level could be 125 and you can donate then!" (the minimum to donate is 125). "OK! I would like to try pleasee". ANDDDD, this lady!! I supposed she only know how to do the questions stuff but not injecting (shouldn't be called injecting but I don't know the term =S), she put the needle into my right arm, and couldn't find the vein, instead of taking the needle out and try again like in m'sia, she KEPT THE NEEDLE under my skin and keep TURNING AROUND IN my arm........ then she gave up, holding the needle (which its head still in my arm, my whole arm was in a state of numbness ==") and asking for help from another nurse.. I am very sure my face written "PAINNNNNN, it really hurts", but my mouth keep saying "it's ok" when she apologized.. then come another nurse, which supposed to be more pro when she said "I can do it", thennnnnn.. she did the same thing.. turning the head of the needle under my skin.. then all 3 of us see a bruise coming out ==!!! and the previous lady took out the needle. I looked at the tube.. and it was empty, (my face turned green? blue? purple?) but the lady said, it could be enough.. and next she carried out some procedures bla bla bla.. put my blood into a machine.. and it showed "125" muahahaahhahaha.. so, FINALLY... i was allowed to give blood...

Next I made sure myself had enough water, as it was said that drinking enough water could make sure we are well after the donation (for most people la).. then waited to be called again. Nothing special after that, I accept the pain and the nurse was skilful and experienced enough I'd say.. or perhaps I have experienced the MOST painful version of it, so I could tahan.. (believe me I'm someone who really can resist pain but that friendly-but-not-skilful nurse was really doing it baddddly) She had totally no problem in seeking the vein and it just caused a bit pain =). I was doing great except my blood wasn't running quick enough and she kept asking me to relax.. xD So.. there goes my 475ml bloody blood.. I wish it's all fine and is going to help people in need =D

Now I have got very good reason to eat chocolate =D (not for sufficient iron level! but for the sake that I dont want to be injected by an inexperienced nurse!!!). Also have got 3 plasters on hands and one bruise =S. It would take about 6 weeks to "refill" all my donated blood, and 16 weeks till next time I am allowed to donate again. Oh ya, there was a guy whom Jocelyn spoke to, he has donated for 50 times!! and Joce said he looks at his late 30s only.. I want to go again.... =D

My friend told me that donating blood will make us gain weight.. is that true??


scattered mind.... said...

oh my godddd!!!!! thats the worst blood donating experience that i have heard.. hahah.. how come they can do that?... and you on the other hand just kept quiet.. lol!! but i guess i would have done the same as well.. not really shout out that i am in pain.. hahahaaha!!! but anyways.. well done... you donated blood for the first time...

well.. i am not that lucky.. because i am not allowed to donate.. because 1. i am underweight and 2. i also have low iron in my blood.. :(... i did try once.. but just by going in to the register... the first thing the person asked me was.. are you above XX? and i was like.. "no"... and he said.. "i am sorry you cant donate then".. i just blushed and walked out... hehehehe...
congratulations.. and yeap.. do go more often.. :)

ck said...

wow!!!! so proud of u!!
how ur hands now??

huibee said...

hahahaha Ruby i like your reaction =P
thanks god im quite a tough girl.. hahaha, but when my right hand was like numb, and she was asking help from another nurse, i felt like i was going to lose my right arm.. hahaha.. think it's very important that they dont panic, so that we will stay calm too.. but, i remain silent coz i believe they are the professionals =) nvm ruby, i will donate on your behalf! okkk!! (mine is O type anyway, it helps whoever in need theoretically =))

ck, proud what la..
im very well, my right arm, a bit bruise only la.. xiao shi qingg =D

btw, thanks for reading such long and wordy and bad grammar + structure post xD

HuiHui said...

wah huibee...ur hand numb edy veli serious ley...later lik the little baby gal in malaysia that case, lose her hand then onli u know...u should have say u hand is numb...but in a calm way la...let them experience experience, c c how they going to control the situation ma...:P but after read ur post, i more scared to donate blood dy...=S

huibee said...

Ya hor.. I knew that case also, but i think hers was due to bacteria infection after injection.. but but but.. i really never think about that, at the spot i just think they are the professionals and i should trust them..

AIYO.. thats not the purpose of my post la!!! make sure your weight and iron level are fine, all things should go veryyy smoothly.. i think for eddie, it's like nothing.. think that you might be saving life wor..

JC said...

WoW... Nice post!!
Semangat la you! Should have take some pictures.. then it will be more interesting...!
After went donate blood... I... very scared of going second time la... It is very very very pain for me!!! OMG!! PAIN!! When I think of that... Still pain!

But! I wanna go!!! let's go again after 16 weeks!!

I received something from them! Did you? and I'm so happy that I am the 5 out of the 100!!

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