Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Titanic (1997)

Believe it or not
I just finished the whole movie, for the FIRST time ='(

I intended to watch it 13 years ago when I was still standard 4, which I still remember clearly..
(coz we learnt to play my heart will go on with the simplified flute, a song that I can play and remember damnnnn well)
yet that time I fell asleep at the beginning of the movie and woke up seeing the ending part =="
And I had always wanted to watch it.. no chance.. till today, saw it in my laptop accidently =D
(think I took it from my sis when i went back?)

So I guess, I was the last person who never watched this movie? =)
dont think movie of this kind need any reviews or comments or reflections.. but people, do watch it over again..


bpeng said...

now i feel like watching it again, i think it will feel different to watch it as a 11-years-old and a 23-years-old

ck said...

used up box of tissue?

i oso feel lik watching again.....

huibee said...


yes. should watch!
take it from me!


hahahaha, box your head la
2 slices will do, nono.. more than enough already.
it touches, but not in that way of making ppl xi li hua la..

ahjeh said...

Hmm.. I didn't know I have... :D

huibee said...

then how i get the movie?!?!
it's in my laptop = =

eVonne said...

lenglui~ i nvr watched it too~ wahaha~
i was slept when my parents were watching it 10 yrs ago~

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