Sunday, May 31, 2009


Think this is the first time in my life that I'm going to experience the all four seasons..
as I was in m'sia for the previous summers..
these days, I really learnt how summer is like.. and to be frank, I'm not liking it..
being here for years, I actually enjoy sunny days very much, not like in the past, I used to love rainny days in m'sia..
Few days ago, I even felt excited that it was going to be sunny and hot
But.. it's sooooo hot these days, OK, I guess it's actually not warmer than m'sia (yet?), but I cant stand it!
because in m'sia, there are air cons anywhere, and I don't spend hours walking myself to anywhere..
but here.. I have no cars.. I'm always under the sun, we're not even having a fan =S
plus.. the day time is kind of loooonnnnggg... the sun rises before 5am, and set at about 10+pm..
one more thing I dislike about summer, is all those insects.. arrrgggggh..
now there is a moth in my room.. they get so active.. even walking on the street there are places that you can't/shouldn't actually open your mouth or else you're going to have them as snacks =(
Oh yeah.. also quote Alice's "It's summer and I'm still fat".. ahaha.. same thing applies to me

Hmmm.. it seems that I dont really like summer huh? Not really..
if compared to rainny and windy days, sunny's still better I suppose..
when it's windy and the temperature is not too high (28+ celcius?) I still enjoy the sun very much..
I can't decide yet which season I like the most.. I used to love autumn (before I even experienced autumn), because I like those leaves turn red.. now errr.. I'm not sure

What do you think?


LiJi Ng said...

Summer kind of wonderful huh?

trust me, weather in m'sia sucks these few months.
It's freakin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like today, pening kepala due to the hot weather!

LiJi Ng said...

by the way, i mean summer kind of wonderful is u get to see all the hawttttt guys along the beach!!!

Hsiang Yek said...

My dear friend,
Happy birthday ya!
All the best on everything u r doing now!

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