Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Fair @ Cheltenham

I'm really tired, but glad that I went to the fun fair today (with Sammi, Stephy, Peiman, Felicia, Jocelyn, Marvin and Allyson)!
It's not as bad as the one we went last month, this could be considered as massive I guess..
And the funniest thing is Felicia, Jocelyn, Allyson and I actually tried a crazy spinning ride..
trust me, it's the craziest I'd experienced so far, for a person who craze for exciting advanced games like me, it still is!! (will probably upload an video, to provide a rough idea: basically all stand in a round platform and it spins and turns in every possible dimensions)
I was so glad that there's someone that could play with me.. thank you thank you!

Frankly speaking, it hurts. The safety notice there says people who have back problems shouldn't try it.. ahahaha.. but I ignored it despite having seen it.
And! Just now when I changed clothes, I found both of my shoulders "crawling" with red lines.. (ask bpeng or peiman, I showed them)
dont know how I made them actually.. >"<

Anyway, it's finally a FUN fair. The firework wasn't bad too.. worth that pound la..
just that, after working 2 whole days, and walked myself there.. my legs aren't mine anymore =S
what more, I'm working tomorrow...


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