Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attending a wedding

The first ever time I attend a marriage registration and it happened to be kind of a different one.

Firstly, I attended it in the UK (in Chichester, where the groom's mum stays), with Bee Peng, Sammi and Stephy.

Secondly, they are couple of a British and a Malaysian

Thirdly, there are already two (super cute) kids when the wedding was held.

On 16th morning, going to the registration office. From left, Stephy, KimFoong, Sammi, me, Nanny and Oswyn, front row: Oscar.

The bride and the groom during the registration. I like this pic! KimFoong looked so 含情脉脉.. =D

Best wishes to YOU!

Huibee and Oscar, KimFoong and William's eldest son. He is DAMN CUTE!! and smart as well, he can speak mandarin to mummy, e.g. "妈妈是猪猪 (mummy is piggy)", or speak English to daddy, e.g. "Daddy is naughty boy"... LOL

They followed and had the chinese tradition (don't know what it's called) in William's mum's house as well.

5 of us. in Arundel castle. Nice trip with Sammee and Stepeeee..

P.S. there are loads pic on facebook and some videos will (hopefully) be uploaded soon (:


bpeng said...

nice trip except for the terrible weather!

Nick尼克仔 said...

the boy is damn cute!!!
Is it really he can speak mandarin?
so cute so cute !

terrorgen said...

it's interesting to see a Chinese Tradition being held in a British House!

LiJi Ng said...

just trying to imagine if u were the bride...

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