Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 22th Birthday

Skype with family

Mum, sis and bro skype me at 11+pm.. Hehehe.. can't believe nowadays mama also sleeps so late edy... although I get quite annoyed because they actually discussing what cake they want to buy to celebrate MY birthday WITHOUT ME... but still feel happy la.. think this is 2nd birthday i'm not celebrating at home? Also, now only I know that my chiense birthday passed already! (on Sunday the 14th >"<)

Egg Dinner with Housemates

Thanks to my sweeeeetest housemates (Bpeng, PuiMan & Felicia) for the dinner. Although obviously it can't be compared to those I had during my past birthdays at home, but it's still sweeet and nice. Why is it called the Egg dinner..? Because.. errrr.. I kind of love eggs, and thus for the dinner, 4 persons had 12 eggs! LOL

MidNight birthday 'surprise'

Frankly speaking I wasn't expecting it, I thought there are now so few of us here in the uk, I thought even if there was a midnight surprise I should deserve a slightly warmer and nicer one.. Until when we were having dinner, Fel mentioned "Ohh.. then we can use it tonight hor.." That reminded me all those lovely birthday attacks. Then at around 11pm, when i was enjoying movie in my room, somebody sticked a note on my wall

You know, this is soooo "helpless", you know what you're going for, you know what's waiting for you out there.. and you can't pretend like you're tired have to sleep yet you MUST go (?)! Fel wanted to blindfold me.. and for sure rejected by me.. then when we were walking a lil bit further in my house garden.. I saw group of them edy.. Haihhhh.. Haihhhh... then i turned from a clean and ready-to-sleep look, to... @#$%^&* with flour powder water cream.. Next was a birthday song, a wish that I can't remember what I've made, blowing candle.. THEN, I've got more cream as they said I still looking too clean.. zzzzz...

(photo taken from Jocelyn's blog)

and you know, actually I was not even interested in attacking back (since having so much previous experience, I'm not liking having bath at 12-1am.. so I wouldn't want to do that to them).. But YERRR.. they all.. so evil.. =SS Yet funny la, especially Shinyee and Jocelyn.. omg, I still can't help laughing the way Jocelyn ran and.. lolll. Ok, this sweet surprise thing spoilt 2 things - my flipflop, and my LG phone (again! *later found it seems to be working again).................

Different time zone wishes

Like celebrating the new year 2009, I'd also got my birthday celebrated in different time zones.. from friends in Aus, M'sia for sure, then Russia, Poland, UK and finally US.. ahahhaa.. kind of interesting.. ((=

Anyway thanks to everyone, I mean, everyone, and extra credits to Bee Peng (forgot this on my speech). Thanks for the effort and time, the party and food, the cream and flour, the presents (!!!), the calls from farrr away, the sms, messages on facebook and msn etc etc.. THANK YOU! I've made my wish for you.. heee..

[to be continue... maybe]

P.S. This is also the 100th post of my blog.


summer said...

wow~happy birthday and anniversary for your blog~:)any warmth gift for blogger?:)keke~

terrorgen said...

who's in Russia and Poland? Are they those I know?

Happy birthday again!

k said...

100th post! Hope you had a blasssttt! :D

Nick尼克仔 said...


huibee said...


Thanks! (=
errr.. warmth gift... e.g.?


Thanks again! =D
dont think you know the one in poland, but it's Alice See in Russia, our junior in HinHua, not sure you know her ley..


Thank YOU. ((=


哈哈哈.. 谢谢

Eetee said...

I guess I'm the only one missed out in the Skype session. Sorry. Happy belated birthday.

ahjeh said...

No worries, papa was sleeping when we were having the Skype session

huibee said...

so nvm.
Thank you gogo. =P

I guess papa never remember our birthdays..?

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