Monday, June 22, 2009


My 22nd birthday presents..

The birthday card.. See the plaster? It's also part of the present.. LOL
coz they said I fall down often (during other's birthday.., while in fact it was just K's birthday, wasn't it?)

Thank you guys. ((=
and sorry I lost the wrap that you guys spent time drawing = =
I like that too..

HAHAHA.. I love this. But I don't know when I'm going to wear it. =P
From Joce, Ruby, K, WaiLeng, Marv, Shinyee, PehLing, YangWoo.. (am not too sure how the list goes..)

I received this from Sammi & Stephy more than a month ago.
Lovely, thank you (=
they said they wanted to make me more girlly... =D
it looks like a little bomb..

My new watch!!! in white!
why is it soooo nice? I chose one ma..=P
from Bpeng, PeiMan & Felicia.. thank youuu!!

Hmmm.. the rest.. remains secret.. XD
I think I've got so much more than I deserve in the beginning of my 22..
(opppss.. hmm.. 22, sounds so old..=S)


Nick尼克仔 said...

Wow...lots of gift...
nothing for you but my deepest wishes...
Happy birthay~

ck said...

secret.. loll


Kexin said...

wa..nice xD

HuiHui said...

hahaha...22 not old yet la...fel going to 24!!! XD

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