Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passionate about...

I'm passionate about studying, yes I just said studying, just as I'm passionate about jogging, blogging, movies, snoopy, eggs etc
This was what I feel normally, sometimes when I dont study for a long time, I miss the feeling of studying, of working really hard for exams.. It gives me sense of moving on and achievement. This was what happen last year before final
But it didn't happen this year
I can't motivate myself.. I keep saying motivation but I've lost it.
Anyhow I still believe I'm keen on studying.. it's just something's not going right in me lately.
Arrrggghhhhhhh how? Killllll... ok, back to my revision

even if im not motivated, I still hope I can be a motivator of at least some others.


ck said... in exam period...

ppl who r motivator r thos always make ppl feel stress...u probably 1..,nt a bad thing though

summer said...


Hsiang Yek said...

Motivation, can get from those who success(eg ur father).
Just listen to their story of battering during their young age, sure can get a lot of motivation, haha!
This is my small suggestion la......

huibee said...

CK,Yup, you're right. in both cases - that im a weirdo and im a motivator.. XD
Now I ban myself from vww edy mar, nothing to do so will blog more often..

最近在考试的人真的很多.. (:

HsiangYek,Thank you HsiangYek!!
need to credit you because your words normally motivate me also.. (oppps!! others might be jealous.. ahaha)
my papa ar.. long time didnt talk to him edy la.. but merely think about them also will motivate me a bit geh (:

HuiHui said...

yea...u r my motivatorrrrrr

Nick said...


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