Thursday, April 30, 2009

Donating Bone Marrow

Today!! is the day that we're supposed to come to save Kian (to know more about it see my previous post- Bone Marrow Donor Session). Originally I felt like not coming because I've been slacking after my first paper, but.. dont know why, the feeling of i might be the one who save him, or somebody else, was so strong that made me made up my mind to come at last, with Bee Peng (the rest all become very ignorant during exam despite saying that got karma one if you come to test >"<)

Surprisingly we saw loads of people when we arrived in the SU bar in park campus. A guy gave us one booklet and a medical application form, asking us to read pg. 4-8 before filling in the form. OK, so next we sit down comfortably and started reading.. right on the first page that we read regarding the donor criteria for joining..

be aged between 18-40 *tick*

be in excellent health *errr.. yes gua*

weigh at least 51kg *wow bpeng!! luckily I gained weight!! otherwise I couldn't donate!! first time feel so good for gaining weight!*

reside in the UK (for the next three years min) *oh no!! we're not sure yet*

bla bla bla... several other criteria which I think we fulfill.. (see picture)

So, being curious whether a carrier of thalassemia gene can donate bone marrow or not.. I approached a lady and wrote down the "disease". She said she doesnt even know what it is but she brought the booklet up and asked somebody else.. When she came back

"Are you a carrier or you actually suffer from it?" (errr.. if i actually suffer from it i should have died i guess >"<)

"I'm just a carrier of it =)"

"OK, it should be fine, but it may limit the way you can donate it" (pointing to 1 of the pages showing different ways of donating bone marrow)

"just discuss it with somebody else later.. it should be fine"

OK. I assume that I'm now an eligible donor. Next thing is the 3 years period problem - that guy said if we can't be sure that we 'll be here for 3 years, the answer is NO =/ (for apparent reason if we're needed we will need to travel here and stay for quite a few weeks.. it seems that we can't make this commitment yet)

So... I'm now blogging in park campus.. instead of giving blood sample.. feel a bit jealous seeing some people having the test up there. Actually in the application form, there's also criteria like "I am not on any other bone marrow / stem cell register in the UK or worldwide" which reminds me that probably we should register in malaysia rather than here in the UK..

Although a bit disappointed not being able to donate, guess we can still register it somewhere else in the future and help somebody else (for their trust, one in 1000 is selected as a match for a patient each year). At least I know that carriers of thalassemia are able to donate.

P.S. Post was written in park campus on 29th 7pm

Countdown to freedom: 7 days!


HuiHui said... 50kg...cannot donate lo?????????

Nick said...


huibee said...


Cis~ bpeng said ask you come you said not coming also.. =S
so.. hehe


嗯啊.. 健康要好啦
还有不能有HIV (哈哈! 你没有吧 XD)和 B 还有 C 型肝炎吧

LiJi Ng said...

你的部落格都不喜欢我的 T_T

LiJi Ng said...

ha, it works, finally.
oh, btw,
just for you to know
i think u dun have to gain weight also can donate ur bone marrow right??

huibee said...

this is why my blog "ban" you from leaving comment
coz you never say anything nice =P
no lor.. when you knew me and throughtout those years, i never be above 50kg lor =(
but now, obviously i can.. i think you can also? XD

LiJi Ng said...

I'm just simply being honest.
oh btw, i know ur weight is going up,
sad to tell u,
my weight is going down, haha XDXDXDXD

huibee said...

it's stable.. but i dont want it to be that stable ley... =(

*wonder why didnt my blog ban you anymore.. XD*

LiJi Ng said...

actually it did,
i pressed a lot of time only it worked.hahaha

LiJi Ng said...

oh, by stable,
u mean, u stable-ly gain ur weight??
like 5KG a day??


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