Friday, April 17, 2009

Half Year

It's now half a year I blog here in (which is my 3rd published blog after thespoke and windows live space)
I think previously I did aim to reach 100 posts in six months and obviously - I failed, 15 more till my target :(
Blogging too less in recent few weeks
Just reread nearly all the posts this year
Kind of impressed by my passion on blogging, and my views on some sorts of thing
Guess I'm really kind of forgetful person - thus it's good to keep a blog
It reminds me about myself, my dream and helps me to see my growth and changes
Many people around me start or start again to blog, which is quite nice
as you get to know how life of your friend is through blog fairly easily
But the thing is I just realized the blogs that I'm following exceed 30 already!
they are all bro, primary and high schools friends, ELS friends, uni friends etc (still exclude those that I care yet they blog in windows live space which following here is not possible yet)
And I feel I'm not really able to read so many posts especially some (bloggaholic?) friends (e.g. Nick, Peiman) has new post daily or nearly daily..
so it ends up I just read the first few lines, if I'm interested only would I click on it
Is it good or bad huh? Or I should be more picky - dont follow so many people's?
Yet when I decided to follow every single of them, I'm pretty sure I'm interested in reading it or in knowing this particular person

Anyway, hope I would keep blogging, no matter how busy or boring life is..
and one final thing - Many thanks to those have been reading my blog and/or leaving comments for it.. They are very very much appreciated, they mean a lot to me, especially when I'm down, and they keep me carry on too (:
with real hope, i will be celebrating its 1st, 2nd, 10th.. anniversary


terrorgen said...

haha... u r welcome~~~ XD

HuiHui said...

hahaha...i became bloggaholic...XD
ai...u noe, im more 4getful den i will blog everyday..2 remember when n wat i did...=D

summer said...

usually celebrating anniversary should send out some gift to blogger friend like me:)

Nick said...


Hsiang Yek said...

Sure u can celebrate its 10th or even 20th years anniversary! Coz i will be monitoring u always, hahaha!
I've done similar things too, which is reread my own previous blog,
and even the letter we used to write to each other,
feels that time pass in a flip of eyes,(dun laugh at my poor english)
and we are different today, really!
Looking fwd to see u back!
Gambateh always ya!

Alice See S.Y said...

i passed my test dy!!!
the hardest one....
nerves... =)
happy neh!!

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