Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bone Marrow Donor Session

Young mother, Gemma Isaacs, is urgently calling for people to come forward and potentially help save her two year old son’s life. Little Kian suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder — PNP Deficiency — and desperately needs to find a bone marrow donor in order to survive.

Gemma, from Wyman’s Brook in Cheltenham, is urging everyone aged 18-40 years old to join the Anthony Nolan Trust’s bone marrow register on Wednesday 29th April from 4 — 7pm at the Park Student Union, University of Gloucestershire.

There are currently 16,000 people worldwide in need of a bone marrow transplant, but because individual genetic makeup is so varied, the chance of finding a suitable donor can be slim. Many searches for patients are unsuccessful — a bone marrow donor whose tissue type matches theirs could mean the difference between life and death.

Kian’s condition - PNP Deficiency - is a genetic disorder caused by a lack of Purine Nuceloside Phosphorylase enzyme, which leaves the patient vulnerable to a variety of potentially fatal infections. People with the condition can also suffer brain damage.

His mother Gemma said: “Without a bone marrow transplant, Kian’s prognosis is bleak. It’s very rare for a child with this condition to live beyond 10. But with a bone marrow transplant, Kian will have a normal life span, although he will still have developmental problems. Please please come forward and join the register. I ask you to put yourself in our situation — imagine if it was your child, or a member of your family, what would you do? I really hope we find someone who will be able to help save Kian’s life. We’re desperate.”

The blood sample taken at the registration clinic is tested to establish the tissue type and the results stored on the charity’s confidential database. As a new member of the register the donor receives a registration card and written confirmation of being a potential life saver. A donor may be found to be a match for a patient almost immediately or may wait many years before being asked to donate — and in some cases may never donate at all if there is no match. Please come to the Park Student Union at the University of Gloucestershire from 4-7pm on 29th April to find out more.

Donors need to be aged 18-40. For further information regarding the clinic and joining the register, please contact The Anthony Nolan Trust on +44 20 7284 1234 or log on to

Just saw this on our Uni website.. I feel like going to try ley.. especially the kid (named Kian!!) looks damn cute.. but that will be during exam period plus I'm a bit scared ley.. -_-" and.. and.. and my thalassemia genes.. haihh. Have been saying I want to donate blood for a very long time, but never get a chance to actually do it, of course donating bone marrow is a far bigger matter, but still, if stand on their point of view.. perhaps one day we will need other's help.. why not giving a hand when we're able to? It's like.. saving a life, A LIFE!! And it won't be just a life, it will also be a great boon to the family of the patient. And it's quite surprising.. they actually let people register, and when they find patient who match the donor then only would you need to donate.. Hmm.. dont know, it seems a bit scary.. -_-"

Anyway, hope they can find a suitable donor. God bless him.

P.S. Happy Earth Day!


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terrorgen said...

erm... what we did here was just swabbing your saliva and bring to the lab to analyze the DNA, which will be put into a database. If your DNA match with the recipient then you will be asked to donate. I proudly say I "swabbed".

No blood sampling at the moment, don't know how they do in the UK.

Hsiang Yek said...

Go Hui Bee, must save KIAN o!
Why not u?

bpeng said...

haha.. i also feel o.0 when i see 'Kian'..
didn't know british got such name..

i also feel like going ley.. but a bit scared also.. >.<

huibee said...

I think we should go, Fel is interested also, since our exam is on 28th and next is 6th already, even if blood sampling also shouldn't affect us much.. Plus Fel said "got karma one, exam may score better" XD anyway really no harm to us.. while it may be a very big deed for those sufferers

So.. let's go? but maybe should ask our parents first la.. Hmm.. think about it!

Thanks guys for your supports.. (:

ck said...

WOW! ehmmm can hav a go bt.... ask ur pama 1st better.. =)

HuiHui said...

lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!together...pain or not pain...its alright...die or not die...its a life is important...when when...

bpeng said...

ming ming write there Wednesday 29th April from 4 — 7pm already still ask when

but i think that's only for the registration right?
also, matched bone marrow are mostly found from people who have the same ethnic background.. so really don't know if we could help. maybe the Trust will keep a record in case someone else that need it

HuiHui said...

oh...sry...dint c tat...

huibee said...

ahahha.. nvm pm, because

mingming there also writen is take blood sample and register edy lor, she also still says "maybe the trust will keep a record" XD

which means actually we may not be able to help Kian, but there could be some others with leukemia or something similar that we can help..

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