Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm back (:

I need somebody, a psychologist at best, or a sincere friend to talk to
someone who will listen to my words, give me some advices, yet won't spread the things
feel a bit lost recently, but early morning today I decided to find myself and to be the usual self again
hehehe.. dont know what im talking about
anyway, I'm back to my revision, after 2 weeks of slacking..
i'd been on viwawa often or otherwise at work (not uni work!).. now i ban myself from vww already..
worth mentioning as well: regarding the finished ink of the pen that i mentioned in previous post, i'd been using it for 1+ year
it's not just 1 or 2 day that I finished using it la okk.. funny, somebody thought so :P

while typing this, sis msn-ed me "harlo, pama miss you"
awwwwwww... this is so sweet.. ahaha.. i dont think they ever missed me since i came to england?!
oh ok.. at least they never said so (:
i miss them too.. every single family member of mine.. very much.
talk about msn, recently quite often i forget to sign in - i dont know why la
just.. something wrong about me, but anyway.. im back on msn too! - although i may be doing something else and will rarely reply anyone.. -_-"
OK, basically just want to declare battle against final - should be revising not blogging!

Good luck to everyone (:


JC said...

Hey... Thought we promised each other...
Should focus on your aim right...
Don't think too much la
If there are problems... Solve it after final K?
Jia You...
I did study A BIT hard here leh...
Hope it will be same with you ya...
All the best k?
Ga Yao!

Hsiang Yek said...

Good Luck!
Gambateh n take care!
N enjoy ur exam ya!
Be friend with it!

summer said...


HuiHui said...

hahaha...i thought this 2 weeks u do revision n dint sign into msn timmm...make me stress onli...XD

Alice See S.Y said...

hey...i'm here always wat...

chill la..i have such feelings pretty often also..but..busy life keeps me occupied so..no much time to think of my own feeling also.. =)

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