Saturday, October 02, 2010


Ah Ah Ah!! I'm feeling so strange now! bloody strange! when I'm supposed to be very excited but I am not! why?!
Tomorrow night I will be off from Enfield to Greece!
But my holiday mood just ain't here yet =(
where're you?!
Athens in Greece, it's on the top of my list! How can I not feeling excited? =S

This week has been "a week" for me..

Worked on Monday, had a bad shift as I was sent to Sage ward, which wasn't very good experience as they placed me to do the obs in seclusion room, I was so depressed by the end of the shift.

Tuesday I attended the TAMVA (Team Approach in Managing Violence and Aggression, if im not mistaken) training course. Not easy, many to pick up, a lot of physical activities! Get to know some nice friendly people from other wards too. Phil came to find me and told me that my supervisor has been changed! I was bloody happy. =) Not that the old one isn't good, but I really like the new one, who works the same style like me.. =)

Wednesday again attending the course, legs started to be sore.. But I started to enjoy the course and the process, despite so many bruises on my body =S

Thursday.. The assessment day of the training. I was damn bloody brave to be the first to be assessed as a team leader, and guess what? I got full score being a team leader! =D I was a bit too nervous when doing the team member part.. but still, I passed the course! One of my colleague did not make it though... hope she will be fine next time =)

Back to ward again on Friday, with super sore legs, can't even walk on the stairs! Was nearly sent to Sage ward again, but thanks god Phil was in this day, and he was right, no point exchange me with an agent nurse who can't do anything! Took one of my favourite patients out for a walk, in the rain - wasn't romantic though.. xD.

And here I started my 13 days off! =D But it was a bit of rush.. the holiday mood isn't here, and I just don't feel like get things packed! =S Didn't do any pre-trip "homework".. But! I'm quite excited and expecting good weather over there... rather than staying in this bloody London weather =S

Hope it would be a great trip! I haven't been leaving this country for a trip for long!!!!


EngLee said...

Enjoy yourself.

summer said...

wow~greece is one of my dream places to visit too!!share with us once you back:) hohoho~welcome holiday mood XD

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