Thursday, October 14, 2010

Athens VS Greece Islands

All About Greece 2: Athens or Islands?

We went to an island called Crete in Greece, spent 4 nights over there (2 nights in Rethynmo, 2 nights in Heraklion), and then took a night ferry to Athens, spent another 3 nights in Athens.

For me, before I had been there, Athens is a place that I must go, for the history that we have learnt about it since young, for the name "雅典"! It simply sounds like a "must go" to me. While Greece at the same time, is famous with its islands and beaches.

Whether you want Athens or an island, it really depends what kind of trip you're up to. Rethymno is such a relaxing place, very blue sea and sky, nice hot weather, long beach (we even play monopoly card games on the beach xD), great Greek food with very reasonable prices.. There are also some historical places if all day beach time is too much for you.

While Athens.. to be honest, what you see is stones and pillars.. We can spend whole day at and around Acropolis and Museum of Acropolis. Are you interested to learn about their history, their Gods, the wars etc?

I'd say depending on your holiday mood and state, go to either one (but pure Athens visit sounds quite dry for me =X). But if you want to be like us, visiting both, go to Athens first and then the islands! You'd have the Greek specialist food and seafood crazily when you arrive the island, and enjoy the weather to the fullest!

Also, if you're not so into great sunshine and sun bathing, I would say September and early October is a good time to visit Greece.



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