Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Airport Taxi/Cab in Greece (Crete)

All About Greece 1: Airport Taxi/Cab in Crete

The first ever lesson we learnt from Greece when we arrived in the airport in Crete, is the money faces of the taxi drivers surrounding the airport. They approached us and asked where we were up to (Rethymno). And then I asked him whether he could provide me with information about getting there, with the cheapest way, he said yes. He first analysed about taking bus-

*€2 to Heraklion town centre
*€12 to Rethymno
*€10-20 to your hotel
*Took you 4 hours

However, if you use a taxi, we could get there in an hour with about €80 (€100 at first), which is a huge saving for the four of us. He was right - four persons is the perfect number to take a cab.

We decided to consider and said that we would come back to him. I was thinking, he must be right to say that it costs €2 to go to Heraklion, since it's 2mins away from bus stop, I can ask for the price how easily. But that isn't the case! We asked the bus ticket to Heraklion and it costs only €0.90! and the truth is

*€0.90 to Heraklion
*€6.90 to Rethymno
*€1.25 to accommodation by cab (€5 for 4 persons). We walked towards the wrong direction (due to an google map error) and decided to take a cab from the old town to our apartment (Aloe Apartment). Or we could have saved this money.
*3+ hours (because we spent time walking towards the wrong direction)

See the difference?? (4 of us spent €36.20, compared to €80) They simply doubled up the prices and exaggerated the duration and convinced you to take taxi. They know you're carrying your heavy luggage(s) and just want to get to your hotel/apartment and check in asap. So, beware of those taxi drivers at airport, whether or not they are licensed, whether or not they look/act professional, whether or not they sound reasonable.


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