Thursday, December 02, 2010

Here comes December

Unbelievable, it's already December of 2010!!!
Just 3 more weeks until Christmas and 4 weeks until 2011!
and 1 more month till I work for half a year in north london forensic service.
Still considering whether to get the tickets to fly back during chinese new year!
Just because I'm sure I will be going back during May-June for gogo's wedding, and probably end of the year for good, I really see no point of going back 3 times a year if I go back during February.
But then! I don't know what I can do with my annual leaves..
In general colleagues take their annual leaves and rest at home.. But having 1-2 day off a week is more than enough for a hyper person like me..
I don't need annual leaves to relax =S
I want to go travelling, but it's cold and SNOWING everywhere, plus bpeng and the others are going back for cny.
I don't want to be here with friends and colleagues who don't celebrate cny =S
So... go back?

Talk about snowing! Remember first year when we came, how desperate we were to see snow
how excited we were to see a bit of snow!
and look at now! it's just autumn! it's just november when it started to snow!
and it snowed cats and dogs!! (opps! does this idiom exist? xD)
In the ward we have got the x'mas tree up and decorations all over the place already.. plus the snowing scenes.. just lovely!
I really enjoy watching snow, beautiful! =)))

On Monday went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow with a patient
it was good =)
but I feel it was a bit dragging unlike the previous ones, it could be the cold in the cinema as the heating wasn't working
thanks to my patient who was trying to warm my hand.. haha =.=
Then I watched a second time with another patient yesterday..
Could have let somebody else go if I knew he was going to watch HP as well
Anyway, I still couldn't think of another job better than mine at the moment =p

Not sure where are the girls now.. must be all over the places with their families
Congratulations to bp, pm and fs for their graduations! though it was long time ago =.=

Hmmm.. Let's just enjoy the last bits of the year!


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