Friday, November 19, 2010

I don't want to see this happens

A bit of heartache. A patient was restraint to be given his depot today, and I was part of the restrain members. This patient, he had been muted for about 2 years, and when he first came to our ward, I was the first person he spoke to, and the ward manager was quite impressed that I managed to get him talked. Now that I saw that happened, I feel pain for him. He's not a difficult patient, 100% not. But this happens every week. Because he doesn't want to consent that he has got mental illness, by accepting the depot voluntarily, it simply means he has got mental illness, so he would decline, so we would need to restrain and inject him. He was strongly defending, 6-7 of us were holding him, and he still managed to move. After this, I've got no courage to look into his eyes. For no reasons, I feel guilty. =.=

This reminds me of another patient's words. At first he defended himself, he fought back. That led to more medications and seclusion, so he learnt, he learnt to be complied, because he wants to get himself out of here. Are patients actually getting better, or do they just learn to pretend better?


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