Monday, January 11, 2010

Pek Cek

Bpeng and me are both in learning centre quiet study room now, not doing any study!
I don't why made me sooo pek cek..
the house internet is down 3-4 days ago, and I think the problem was on the router that it can't solve the ip address bla bla bla... tried restart and even reset and it still doesn't work
Got a friend who taught me how to go "inside" to check what is not working.. but I'm not pro enough to sort that out =/
then the landlord said Monday (i.e. today) her daughter's computer expert was coming to change a new router..
Yet very very very unfortunately, few days ago Bpeng lost her keys (we still don't understand how this happened) so she has kept all the spare keys in her room when her daughter and her friend came,
and they have to get into her daughter's room to get something to sort the internet out..
but bpeng wasn't at home... so we have to wait for another day.. (which I would have left)
I really really need the internet desperately..
to get bus ticket, to transfer money, to check terminal and weather, to contact my family, to find my referee (ex dissertation supervisor, i.e. Kerry Rees), to keep in touch with many people..
If it's any other time in the year it should be fine, as we can always come to the Uni,
but the weather truly, seriously sucks!! and the Uni was closed last week..
it's sooo difficult to go anywhere =(
Anyway, thats it for the grumbles.. and guess what,
I forgot to note this in my blog,
that I'm flying back to Malaysia tomorrow!!!!!
I haven't been home for more day 500 days already! The longest period in my life...
I miss home badly.. miss the feelings of staying at home badly..
miss a lots of food badly..
And this time I'm also going back for erge's (i.e. my second brother) wedding.. =DD
I'm quite excited! hahaha.. although I don't really know what to expect..
Next thing would be Chinese New Year celebration that I have missed for 3 years..
until my grandma has forgotten my angpao.. = =
Ohya.. and two days ago was my last day at Primark..
a place that I had been working for more that three years,
it's kind of a mixture of strange feelings.. but I'm glad that I've known a group of nice colleagues there, and the appreciations they've got to me..
It's actually hard .. to leave. =X

Anyway, in less than 24 hours I'm leaving this land already.. hope the weather is good enough during the departures.. I want to be home on time! *pray*


Nick尼克仔 said...

I want angpau too~
can we go to your place to get angpau?
from uncle and aunty?

JC said...

Hey... happy for you la...
Have a nice and safe journey back ya hui bee...
Help me to eat lots of Kuih Bangkit...:)
Take care:)

HuiHui said...

huibee huibee...i wanna go ur house take ang pau...XD

LiJi Ng said...

eh... call me when u r around.

bpeng said...

hey, guess what?
i've found my key!
it has been buried in the snow in front of our house for almost a week!
luckily Leanne's car ran over it so that it came out of the snow >.<
and i think our wireless is now fixed but she left without leaving the password!
even pek cek now because u got an internet at home but dont' know the password and in the end have to go to the uni for internet again!

huibee said...

Nick and HuiHui,
can come la~~ hahaha.. but make sure im at home first ok =D

will try to get some for you if it's possible (=
just realized my home all wedding stuff, like no any cny stuff.. haha

OKK! after I have enough rest first.. xD

walao!! poor keys.. they had been through extreme cold out there.. haha
i should have fwd-ed the sms to you =XX
i thought they would send to us both..

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