Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Letter to a patient

Dear Mr Chong,

This morning I was calling a few patients checking how they have been and trying to answer any question they may have. When I was calling this woman whom I usually called her house numbers as she didn't have a mobile phone, somebody else picked up, and told me she's no longer living. She committed suicide yesterday. The lady answered the call was her daughter. I didn't ask anything further, ended the call after sending my condolences.

It took me at least 5 minutes till I managed to type the note then tell my colleagues what happened. One of my colleagues guessed it straightaway before I opened my mouth, she must have seen it on my face. I keyed in "Deceased" on her profile and informed doctor much later.

I carried on with my work. Then later of the day I was calling you and realized that your phone was temporarily unavailable. I called your girlfriend and finally she picked up, telling me you were fine taking the medicine. About an hour later you rang me from Singapore, and when I said I was just checking how you were getting on, you said you were going to commit suicide. I know you, although only for 3 days now, I knew you were just joking, so I asked by what method you're planning. You laughed, I'm released. I was updated with your current condition, I know you're doing very well, coping well too. Afterall you weren't depressed, just some anxiety and palpitation problems.

This is part of my work. Sometimes a few people tell me they're suicidal within a day, I learn to judge well to make sure everyone stays alive, then happy if possible. I didn't take you seriously, so I didn't tell you that you shouldn't really be joking about committing suicide.

11 Sept 2013


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