Monday, May 06, 2013

The day after the 13th General Election

I was weeping a little going to bed last night (or should I say 2 o'clock this morning), feeling hopeless and helpless, wondering whether the day would ever come to us Malaysians at all... wondering why wouldn't those people Ubah with us... wondering whether it's possible to fight all these ____ tactics...

Perhaps we were all too naive, thinking the process of democracy took only 10 years (or less). Especially when the results first opening, it all looked so positive, we were all so excited. Ubah yes?! Ini kali lah?!!! The Lim father and son (Kit Siang and Guan Eng) have been fighting for long, and I believe they never give up, and will never give up. So are many other opposition leaders (though in Penang, Selangor and Kedah, they aren't opposition). This is only my first vote, why should I give up? I weeped, I wiped my tears, I slept the sadness off and today I'm feeling much hopeful again...

Statistically, 5.5 millions people voted for PR, how many voted for BN? 5.2 millions. Ah but BN won. What does this reflect? (Think...) In 308 parliamentary, BN 140 vs PR 82, in 505, BN 133 vs PR 89. That's a gain of 7 parliamentary seats for PR this time round. In 308 state seats, BN 344 vs PR 161, in 505, BN 275 vs PR 230. Hey ladies and gents, that's +71 new state seats!

I hope people see some improvements there, some hopes, some positive changes. Now we learn from "mistakes". If we know there'll be electricity failures, each counting agent should prepare torch light (according to my brother they did, but there wasn't any failure in their area...). If we know there will be more hantu (ghosts), we will get more Taoist masters and Bomoh to catch them.

There's always solutions. There's always hopes. There's always tomorrow. It may take a long time, but as long as we keep fighting, democracy will be with us.

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Vivian Tan said...

yes, be positive bee!
This is just the begining, the following path will be harder, but never give up or else the effort from ppl who suffered for us at the very begining will be a waste.

Glad that we still learnt a lesson, learnt that we still have limitations, learnt that we still have ways to improve...and the biggest achivement is we learnt that many ppl have started to fight for a change. If u think rationaly, this time is only the first time many of us start demanding for change (not including Bersih 1 - 3) as we never expect we won in last 2008 election...

So let's stay up together!Pray and fight for the best future for Malaysia. Not sure about u, but i do think 'hope' is one of the reason i come home. =)

huibee said...

Yes, stay hopeful, and do what we can at the least!

Welcome home in advance by the way. :)

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