Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Compliments to TGV, Bukit Tinggi

Went to watch a movie Kung Fu Panda 2 in TGV, Bukit Tinggi today with a friend. Although the movie is good and I'll recommend it to most people, I'm not writing about it today...

We bought the tickets from the counter at around noon, and there were tickets ready by the machine after we stated what we wanted to watch, which was quite strange, but the cashier double checked and made sure the tickets matched what we wanted exactly (apart from the seats, which were even better). When time approached we went in for the movie, there was a man standing just by the row N (our seats were N9 and N10), and asked to see my tickets, I showed him and he led us out, explained to us that there was system errors- those two seats had been booked online by somebody else, and were taken. I was sort of disappointed and thinking what he could offer us. He then said that he could refund us, then also showed two cards (which was called something like compensation card(?)). My friend asked if there was any seat left in the same screen and he said no but he could offer us couple seat (which was slightly more expensive?) for the next time slot (screending an hour and 50 minutes later). We were cool with the later time since my friend had to wait for her sister anyway. Then he said he could refund us. By then we realized, we were going to get the refund, and still watching a later show (which we're happy with) with better seats [free of charge].

Wow, I didn't know such good service exists in Malaysia nowadays (lol). And this man is polite and very apologetic (well, sure ma, it's their fault!). I'd probably be quite happy if I get a refund and some very good attitudes, but now I get refund, good attitudes, and free good movie, so I'm very happy, and decided to write a compliment on my blog (oh am I too easily pleased?). Hahaha. Well done!

The other thing is he gave us back the torn tickets and just changed the details by hand, so I was like "how if they said we changed it ourselves" and wanted his name, he said they couldn't print a new one, then put his signature on the tickets and said the staff would recognize it was his. I should have got his name [just in case], but now I think if I had then he would get the compliment together. (Eventually we got in without any problem)

P.S. I also feel very paiseh when he explained [a lot] in Malay and I only heard the word "sistem", and asked to repeat in English after he finished. lol


poorgirl said...
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hapi said...

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huibee said...

Dear Poorgirl,

Many thanks for your comment. Firstly my English is certainly far from Oxford standard (what is Oxford standard actually?! xD). And secondly, I don't know where you got this impression that I was from poor and pathetic family, perhaps you should only judge if you know me and my family. We aren't poor, and surely way distant from pathetic! I've got parents and siblings that most people are jealous with, I'd be happy to help if you need some psychological help, having seen you're pathetically leaving anonymous message to attack others. :)

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