Friday, March 18, 2011

Second time this year

Bought my tickets to go back for my eldest bro's wedding this summer.
and yes, I'm flying home again.
Supposingly I wanted to get Singapore airlines as I'd then get to try the A380 double deck airbus (which, according to Bpeng, is super comfortable! :D)
but I spent too much time considering (actually just one night) and the price raise by £30+, and made the difference between sg airlines and Etihad airlines over £100
So I shall wait for my next opportunity........

P.S. April is coming, quarter of 2011 is going soon. This is getting unbelievable..

P.S. 2 People should really learn that by saying "Live life to the fullest", it doesn't mean working crazily or make your life real busy and filled, but do what you really want to do and what that will make you really contented, at the same time enjoy doing them! And don't forget to be grateful.


yonghan said...

So you are going back again... T_T

M@V!S said...

really that day i bck i oso take A380!!!

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