Sunday, February 27, 2011

I despise you

I wasn't feeling very well (physically + psychologically) when I went to work today. Physically unwell was due to the weather - the temperature just dropped so much suddenly T__T

I am not very sure why I wasn't in very good mood, until before I got home, I spoke to one of the patients in games area, and that really helped. I think I helped him, and in return that has helped me indirectly.

What we discussed made me realized I am really not happy with those qualified nurses who want to work awful loads of bank shifts and long days, but come to work and sit in front of computer, surf the net and do online shopping, otherwise gossiping about others. These people think only about their pay, never have one to one with their patients, never spend time outside the office, never understand their patients. They never think how to help the patients. They never know whether their patient is happy, is feeling safe, is ok, is progressing in the ward. They care nothing but money.

I don't know how they become a nurse, a nurse without a heart of helping patients getting better. I told the patient I wanted to speak to the ward manager regarding that, and he said no. He said he was telling me because he treats me as a friend, and those are friends talk, he said it's ok, he can get himself out of there and he is progressing, he can talk to the consultant every week (or sometime fortnightly). I feel sad for this whole system, for them. Those people are so well paid to help them, yet they get no help, nobody talks to them. There was once he requested to have a one to one with his named nurse, the named nurse asked him to wait till weekend, but nothing happened during the weekend. The fact is, those named nurses are supposed to ask to have one to one with the patients! Then I told the patient, I know and have seen all these happen in front of me, yet I could do nothing. That's why I was so upset. Actually it might not be true.. I think I could do something.. =)


summer said...

guai sun,I am so proud of u because I see ur passion ! Jia you:). from guai ma

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