Monday, August 23, 2010

Part of the Growth

Every time I get some time to talk individually to my ward manager or one of the charged nurses, tears would fill my eyes. At times I've been feeling stressful and confused, but after each talk I'd always be alright. Today again. And I feel they appreciate me so much, that all those hard works and at times some hard feelings are worth, absolutely worth. Phil has been asking me to take some days off, because I've been working so much and so hard. But to be honest, I really like to spend time in ward, despite at times some colleagues are so...

Perhaps what's scary is not the patients with criminal backgrounds, but the complexity of human brain and behaviours. I feel fine working, talking, dealing with the patients, but not some of the colleagues! They are the ones who make me feel stressed. I know there is no perfect and ideal job. And I know no matter where I go, this colleagues-colleagues conflict would appear, and it's something that I ought to learn. I need to stress that I'm not involved directly in any of these conflicts, but perhaps I'm just looking young and innocent, people tend to tell their secrets to me and share the gossip with me.. and I feel soooo 囧 knowing so many things, all contradict to each other lol.

Anywayyyy, I'm fine, still love this job, enjoying the work, and grateful with what I've got and been learning. =)


summer said...

有一个可以让你说话,然后宣泄压力的上司很棒:) 祝福你的工作你的心情继续往positive发展!!:)

huibee said...

嗯啊 謝謝乖嫲

HuiHui said...


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